2018 RAWFF is host to a series of curated 360 degree live action and computer generated virtual reality experiences from the cutting edge of new media filmmaking. 


Through You - Lily Baldwin + Saschka Unseld

This athletically vibrant and sensual experience explores love across a lifetime. Using dance to inhabit a common mortal story of love born, lived, lost, burned, and seemingly gone forever. Through You is a live-action VR richly infused with an atmosphere of passion. Dancers Joanna Kotze and Marni Thomas Wood, along with actor Amari Cheatom, take us through the coursing periods of time, from the 1970s to 2046 and beyond, where the question is harbored, “Can love be found again?”


Where Thoughts Go - Lucas Rizzotto

Where Thoughts Go: Prologue is an interactive social narrative created by award-winning immersive creator Lucas Rizzotto. In this universe, sleeping creatures float toward you awakened by a gentle touch to reveal the thoughts of others who have previously visited. These unscripted and anonymous messages reveal and inspire, encouraging you to share your own for others to discover. As the world's first social empathetic VR narrative, we challenge the idea that technology separates us by using it to bring us closer together, in an environment where human kindness, thoughtfulness and vulnerability can shine.

Break! Break! Tic Tac - Kayla Briet

Miyabi is not your typical elementary school student. When she comes home from school, she’d rather spend her time programming and designing new video games instead of doing homework. This time, Miyabi creates a vivid cyberpunk world and downloads Emi Kusano, Bellemaison Sekine, and Tele Hideo of Satellite Young into an electric-city VR rhythm game adventure. In this 360 music video, look through the glass of the computer screen as Miyabi develops her game and shares it online to players across the world. Then look behind you to see the vibrant virtual world and musical performance of “Break! Break! Tic Tac.”


Before I Sleep - Dawn Chan

Before I Sleep is an experimental Virtual Reality piece that documents an internal argument between Dawn’s head and heart. As her first 360 film, she hopes to fully utilize the immersive medium, and allow her audience to experience her reality firsthand. The idea is to not find a resolution, but to keep an open communication for the diametrically opposite sides of the self. 


Gods Of Dance - Jayson Tang

Balet Dancers tower over you in this etherial piece. The dancers are all from the San Francisco Ballet, former principle dancer Pascal Molat, principle dancer Does Andres and Kamryn Baldwin. 

Our 2016 Lineup

Real - Perception2

Consumed by Virtual Reality addiction, a woman clings to the digitally reconstructed memory of her dead husband. As the lines of reality blur, she begins to question which world is real.

The film is shot partially in 3D 180 degree view and partially in 2D. The format dynamically switches from 2D to 3D when the main character puts on her virtual reality goggles. Allowing the viewer to see the virtual world through her eyes and creating a one of a kind cinematic experience.

Intimate Strangers - Lithic VR

Lithic VR presents a short film directed by Adam Cosco. INTIMATE STRANGERS: CHAPTER 1 is an edgy, original short that pioneers 360° storytelling, allowing users to experience the story like a fly on the wall. It’s one of the first VR narratives to utilize cinematic editing and a range of shots along with a lead performance by Micah Hauptman (EVEREST, HOMELAND), as well as dynamic binaural audio.


New Generation - New Deal Studios

Galvanized Souls official 360 degree music video experience for their single “New Generation.” A parodical journey through several scenes. One of the first live action, cinematic, narrative virtual reality music videos ever produced. On VRPill's top list of Best Virtual Reality Music videos