2017 RAWFF is host to a series of curated 180 and 360 degree live action virtual reality experiences from the cutting edge of new media filmmaking. 


Our 2016 Lineup

Real - Perception2

Consumed by Virtual Reality addiction, a woman clings to the digitally reconstructed memory of her dead husband. As the lines of reality blur, she begins to question which world is real.

The film is shot partially in 3D 180 degree view and partially in 2D. The format dynamically switches from 2D to 3D when the main character puts on her virtual reality goggles. Allowing the viewer to see the virtual world through her eyes and creating a one of a kind cinematic experience.

Intimate Strangers - Lithic VR

Lithic VR presents a short film directed by Adam Cosco. INTIMATE STRANGERS: CHAPTER 1 is an edgy, original short that pioneers 360° storytelling, allowing users to experience the story like a fly on the wall. It’s one of the first VR narratives to utilize cinematic editing and a range of shots along with a lead performance by Micah Hauptman (EVEREST, HOMELAND), as well as dynamic binaural audio.


New Generation - New Deal Studios

Galvanized Souls official 360 degree music video experience for their single “New Generation.” A parodical journey through several scenes. One of the first live action, cinematic, narrative virtual reality music videos ever produced. On VRPill's top list of Best Virtual Reality Music videos